Will My Property Insurance Cover Me For Storm Damage During Hurricane Ophelia

16.10.2017 Insurance Companies in Ireland have confirmed today that property and motor policies 'DO' cover damage sustained today which is a direct result of Hurricane Ophelia. This comes under the 'Storm Damage' extension to the Buildings cover. 

Buildings insurance policies do not necessarily define what a storm is. But we say that a storm generally involves violent winds, usually over a certain wind speed. We can confirm that all areas of the country will experience these wind speeds at some stage today, therefore policies will cover claims today for storm damage.

Comprehensive car insurance policies will today also cover claims arising from storm damage. 

It is very important that policyholders make a claim on their insurance as soon as possible or their claim may not be covered. If you have suffered domestic storm damage, to either your home or business or have had an accident due to storm damage in your car,  the very best advice we can give you is to contact us as soon as possible.

We will advise you from the onset on how to move forward in this difficult time and can be of assistance in organizing items such as alternative accommodation and emergency accommodation. We can also contact your insurance company on your behalf and handle all matters relating to your property claim. 

 Please feel free to call our office on 0429376872 or mobile no 0876487466 at any time.