Planning & Architecture

A skilled and experienced team of architects ready to help with all aspects of design & planning.

With considerable experience of a wide range of building types, OCAD have a reputation for innovative design, efficient project management, and cost effectiveness All our projects have one thing in common - they are very important to our clients, to those who will use the buildings, and to the environment in which they are situated. We are very aware of our responsibilities and strive for excellence in every facet of our service. We can carry out a technical feasibility of a site, giving our clients an idea of the probability of getting planning permission.

The main elements for planning permission

  • County Council Zoning on the individual site.
  • Site situation, orientation, views, entrances and site lines.
  • Ground Conditions.

Once we have carried out the feasibility of the site and costs we can then go ahead with the design. There are four main elements which we combine to come up with a design.

  • SQUARE FOOTAGE: This is determined by the feasibility which we have already carried out before getting to the design stage, the idea is to establish a square footage that we can design to, knowing that it is within our clients budget.
  • WISH LIST: This is to give us an idea of what you want number of bedrooms, ensuite, office etc
  • ORIENTATION: This is very important, that the house is orientated on the site to get maximum natural sunlight into the main living area. This also increases energy savings by using passive solar heating.
  • STYLE: We combine square footage, wish list and orientation and will work with you to find the inspiration to build your dream home. See our completed projects for inspiration. Before detailed drawings are produced we encourage our clients to have pre planning meetings so that we can get feed back on the design from the council. At these meetings if there are any other issues that might affect the planning we make sure that they are discussed.
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